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Quick guide  
Setting up  
Using your Freestyle  
Alarm Clock Radio  
Setting the time and date  
To set the Sleep Timer  
Alarm beeps/radio alarm  
Snooze control  
Switching the radio on/off  
Selecting a radio station  
To lock/unlock the buttons  
General Information  
Please note  
In this user guide, weve included helpful tips  
and useful notes. They are shown in a white  
box like this.  
Your Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio and Charger has been designed  
for ease of use and made to the high standards set by BT  
Please read the instructions carefully before  
use and retain this user guide for future  
This Alarm Clock Radio comes with either:  
The Freestyle 2100 Twin, these handsets  
come pre-registered to the base and cannot  
be registered to any other DECT base.  
The Freestyle 2000 Additional handset.  
This handset MUST be registered to your  
existing DECT base station for the handset  
to work. See the handset user guide and  
your base station user guide for  
instructions on how to register.  
Please note  
It is not possible to register the Freestyle 2000  
handset to the Freestyle 2100 base station.  
Only use the power supply included with  
the product marked Alarm Clock Radio  
(Item code 009865). Using an unauthorised  
power supply will invalidate your guarantee  
and may damage the product.  
Do not submerge any part of your product  
in water and do not use it in damp or humid  
conditions, such as bathrooms.  
Do not expose your product to fire, explosive  
or other hazardous conditions.  
Do not open the product or power supply.  
This could expose you to high voltages or  
other risks.  
There is a slight chance that your product  
could be damaged by an electrical storm.  
We recommend that you unplug the power  
supply during an electrical storm.  
This product should not be used near  
emergency/ intensive care medical  
equipment and we do not recommend that  
it is used by people with pacemakers.  
Simply clean the product with a damp (not  
wet) cloth, or an anti-static wipe. Never use  
household polish as this will damage the  
product. Never use a dry cloth as this may  
cause a static shock.  
Do not expose to direct sunlight.  
Do not stand your product on carpets or  
other surfaces which generate fibres, or  
place it in locations preventing the free flow  
of air over its surfaces.  
Setting up  
Follow these steps to set up your Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio and  
Charger ready for use  
Plug the adaptor into the mains power supply  
and switch on.  
Plan the location of your  
Alarm Clock Radio and Charger  
Situate your product close enough to the  
power socket so that the cable will reach safely  
without stretching. Ensure that you plan the  
location so that the mains power is easily  
accessible in case you need to disconnect the  
Improving the Radio reception  
Extend the aerial fully and trail the aerial lead  
away from the charger to increase reception  
Connect the power cable  
Plug the power cable into the power socket on  
the back of your Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio  
and Charger.  
Do not operate the unit over a steel desk or  
metal surface as this may lead to interference  
of reception.  
Using your Freestyle Alarm  
Clock Radio  
Setting the time and date  
To set the date  
The abbreviated day of the week  
Please note  
(e.g. SU for Sunday), calendar date  
and month are displayed in the  
bottom line of the display.  
Your Freestyle Clock is set to adjust  
automatically for leap years until 2050.  
To set the time  
SU 2 9  
The time is displayed in the middle  
line of the display.  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button  
twice. The year, day of the week,  
date and month flash in the display.  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button. The  
clock setting flashes in the display.  
Press and hold the UP or DOWN  
button to move quickly through the  
days and months until the correct  
date is set.  
Press and hold the UP or DOWN  
button to adjust the time quickly.  
Now press and release the UP or  
DOWN button repeatedly to make  
the adjustments, i.e. exact minute  
Press the UP or DOWN button  
repeatedly to change the setting one  
day at a time.  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button to  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button to  
confirm the date setting.  
confirm the time setting.  
Please note  
If you do not press any button for 15 seconds,  
the display switches back to idle mode.  
To set the Sleep Timer  
Alarm beeps/Radio alarm  
You can set the radio to switch itself off  
You can set two different times for the alarm  
beeps/ radio alarm to come on, for example:  
automatically at 10 minute intervals between 10  
and 90 minutes after you press the SLEEP SET  
button. With the Sleep timer set to on, SLEEP  
will be displayed to the right of the time.  
Using ALARM 1 – you could set an alarm time  
for weekdays.  
Using ALARM 2 – you could set an alarm time  
for weekends.  
You can also select when each alarm will sound:  
D = daily alarm  
To set the SLEEP timer  
Radio On/  
Sleep Set  
WD = weekdays only  
Press once to display the current  
sleep timer setting, ON or OFF.  
WE = Saturday & Sunday only  
The display will show ON if no timer  
has been set.  
When the alarm is set the display will show the  
icon for the type of alarm you have set to the  
left of the time e.g.:  
The radio will then come on at the  
chosen station.  
Alarm Beeps  
Radio On/  
Sleep Set  
Press the SLEEP SET button  
Radio alarm  
repeatedly to change the sleep timer  
setting in 10 minute intervals from  
90 minutes down to 10 minutes.  
Alarm Off – No icon displayed.  
When the alarm time is reached, if you have  
selected alarm beeps, they will sound for 10  
minutes or until they are switched off. Or, if  
you have selected the radio alarm, the radio  
will come on for 60 minutes or until it is  
switched off.  
The radio will stay on while you  
change the setting.  
When the setting you want is shown,  
release the button. After 4 seconds  
the display will return with the radio  
on and the sleep timer set.  
Radio On/  
Sleep Set  
To set the alarm  
To switch the alarm beeps/radio off  
Press ALARM 1 or ALARM 2, to  
When the alarm/ radio is sounding:  
Alarm 1  
Alarm 2  
select the alarm you want. The  
display shows AL1 or AL2 and the  
current setting, e.g. 07:30 and the  
type of setting – daily, weekday or  
Alarm 1  
Press ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 as  
appropriate and the alarm  
beeps/ radio will stop.  
Alarm 2  
To switch the alarm off permanently,  
press ALARM 1 (or ALARM 2)  
repeatedly until no alarm icon is  
shown on the display.  
Press and hold the UP or DOWN  
button to adjust and set the time  
Press the UP or DOWN button  
repeatedly to adjust the alarm time  
minute by minute.  
Snooze control  
Press the SNOOZE button to select  
daily (d), weekday (Wd) or weekend  
Radio Off  
The SNOOZE button lets you temporarily turn  
off the alarm beeps or radio for 9 minutes. When  
that time has elapsed, the radio or alarm beeps  
will sound again. You can continue to use snooze  
control or turn the alarm off completely using  
the ALARM 1 (or ALARM 2) button.  
Press the same button – ALARM 1  
or ALARM 2 – to select the type of  
alarm you want e.g.:  
Alarm 1  
Alarm 2  
Alarm Beeps – Display shows  
Radio alarm – Display shows  
To use snooze control  
Alarm off  
– No icon is shown.  
When the alarm beeps/ radio sound,  
press the SNOOZE button.  
After a short while the clock radio  
display will revert to idle mode.  
Radio Off  
Please note  
To adjust the volume of the radio  
When using the radio alarm. the last station  
you listened to will play when the alarm  
When the alarm is on, press the  
or button to increase or decrease  
the volume.  
Switching the radio on/off  
Selecting a radio station  
The selected radio station and band will be  
displayed in the top line of the display.  
To switch the radio on  
Radio On/  
Sleep Set  
Press the RADIO ON button.  
87.5 – 108.5 MHz  
522 – 1656 KHz  
To switch the radio off  
You can select a radio station manually or you  
can store up to 4 radio stations (for both AM  
and FM) using the preset MEMORY buttons.  
Radio Off  
Once set, when you press one of the memory  
buttons (1-4), the preset radio station will begin  
playing automatically.  
Please note  
If the radio has been switched on by the  
alarm then pressing the RADIO OFF button  
will activate the SNOOZE function and the  
radio will switch back on after 9 minutes.  
Under these circumstances to switch the  
radio off permanently, you need to press the  
ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 button once.  
To manually select a radio station  
Radio On/  
Sleep Set  
Press the RADIO ON button to  
switch the radio on.  
Press the AM/FM button to select  
the AM/ FM band you want.  
Press and release the UP or DOWN  
button to change the radio frequency  
one step at a time.  
Press and hold the UP or DOWN  
button to move quickly through the  
frequencies to select a radio station.  
If you press and hold the UP or  
DOWN button for 3 seconds then  
release, the radio will auto search then  
stop when it detects a strong signal.  
To store a radio station in the  
preset memory  
To select a preset station  
When the radio is on, press the  
AM/FM button to select the AM/ FM  
band you want.  
Please note  
Press the button for the pre-set radio  
station you want (1-4). The radio  
comes on after 1 second.  
You can use the preset buttons to  
store 4 FM stations and 4 AM  
When you are tuned to a station you  
want to store:  
To lock/unlock the buttons  
Press the STORE button. The display  
flashes MEM.  
You can lock the buttons so that the  
settings of your alarm clock radio  
cannot be changed.  
Select a preset memory station using  
buttons 1-4. The selected number is  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button.  
Press the ALARM 2 button.  
Press the ALARM 1 button.  
Press the CLOCK/DATE button.  
Alarm 2  
Alarm 1  
Whilst the MEM icon is flashing, press  
the STORE button to confirm. MEM  
stops flashing and the selected  
station is stored.  
The display shows  
To replace a stored station with  
a new one, repeat the steps above.  
The new station will automatically  
replace the old one.  
Repeat these steps to unlock the  
buttons again.  
Please note  
If the radio is on when the buttons are  
locked, you will be unable to switch off or  
adjust the radio without unlocking the  
Customer Helpline  
If you are still experiencing difficulty, call  
the Freestyle Helpline on 0870 240 3962  
or email  
In the event of a power failure, your Freestyle  
Alarm Clock Radio will reset itself. If this  
happens the default settings will be restored  
and you will need to reset any stored radio  
stations, the time/ date and any alarm settings.  
General Information  
Within the 12 month guarantee period:  
If you experience difficulty using the product,  
prior to returning your product, please contact  
the BT Freestyle Helpline for assistance  
0870 240 3962, Mon-Fri, 9.00am to 5.30pm,  
Sat, 9.00am to 2.00pm or email  
Your Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio is  
guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the  
date of purchase.  
Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee  
will provide for the repair of, or at BTs or its  
agents discretion the option to replace the  
BT Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio, or any  
component thereof, (other than batteries),  
which is identified as faulty or below standard,  
or as a result of inferior workmanship of  
materials. Products over 28 days old from the  
date of purchase may be replaced with a  
refurbished or repaired product.  
Outside of the 12 month guarantee period  
If your product needs repair after the  
guarantee period has ended, the repair must  
meet the approval requirements for connection  
to the telephone network. We recommend that  
you call the Helpline on 0870 240 3962  
and ask for details of our recommended repair  
The conditions of this guarantee are:  
Conditions of Use  
• The guarantee shall only apply to defects that  
occur within the 12 month guarantee period.  
For the conditions of use for BTs products  
and services, please refer to  
• Proof of purchase is required.  
• The equipment is returned to BT or its agent  
as instructed.  
• This guarantee does not cover any faults or  
defects caused by accidents, misuse, fair  
wear and tear, neglect, tampering with the  
equipment, or any attempt at adjustment or  
repair other than through approved agents.  
• This guarantee does not affect your  
statutory rights.  
Offices worldwide  
The telecommunications services described in this publication  
are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time.  
Services and equipment are provided subject to British  
Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditions of  
contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract.  
© British Telecommunications plc 2003.  
Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.  
Registered in England No. 1800000.  
BT Freestyle Alarm Clock Radio and Charger Issue 4 (07/03) 2  
Designed and produced by The Art & Design Partnership Ltd.  
Printed in China.  

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