Radica Games Games 73009 User Guide

E 1  
Press to see the highest score achieved on this unit (since the batteries  
were installed or the game reset). In the lower left corner, by the word  
“BEST” you will see the mission level, followed by the % completed at that  
Press the top of the button to move forward, the bottom for reverse, and  
sides to turn left or right.  
• Press to change the type of ammo you currently have selected. The type  
of ammo currently selected will be blinking.  
• Hold down to scan for hidden mines.  
Press to begin a new game. The game will start at the mission level which  
was last played, with 0% complete. Hold this button down for 4 seconds to  
restart the game at Mission #1.  
Press to pause the game at the current stage. You will see the word  
“PAUSE” in the upper right corner. Press again to return to the battle.  
Model 73009  
1 Players / Ages 8 and up  
Press to move your targeting (crosshairs) around the screen.  
P/N 82371310  
Press to fire your ammo. The type of ammo which is blinking is the ammo  
currently selected.  
There are a total of 10 missions to complete to win the battle. Destroy all  
enemy tanks on a mission (completing the mission 100%) to move on to the  
next mission. More and faster enemy tanks, and an increasing number of  
hidden mines will be encountered as you progress through the higher levels.  
Restarts the computer.  
You can move around the endless desert battlefield or stay where you are  
for a while and let the enemy find you. Hidden mines can make traveling  
across the desert a little tricky, but if your tank is moving, it will be more diffi-  
cult for the enemy missiles to hit. Also, you will be able to pick up additional  
ammunition as you manoeuver around the battlefield.  
You can use the MOVE button to turn and face an approaching tank. In this  
example, the dot on the radar screen has moved into the upper half of the  
circle, and a tank has appeared in the main view. Use the AIM button to  
position your crosshairs on top of the enemy tank. Since the enemy tanks  
are sometimes moving, it may be tricky to keep your targeting system  
locked on.  
Friendly armour-replenishing tanks (represented by a “+” symbol) will be  
seen randomly around the battlefield. Try not to shoot them! They can  
extend your life!  
The type of tank you have locked onto is shown in the upper left corner of  
the screen.  
Press the button labeled ON/FIRE to wake the unit. Press NEW GAME. The  
unit goes into sleep mode if the game has not been played for 2 minutes.  
Enemy tanks consist of the small IFV’s (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) and the  
large MBT’s (Main Battle Tanks).  
Shoot at the tank by pressing ON/FIRE.  
The larger Main Battle Tank will require more fire-power to blow up because  
its armour is much thicker.  
The main battlefield action will be shown on the large centre section of the  
LCD. The overhead radar is shown in the upper right corner. The forward  
view of the battlefield is always in sync with the forward view on the radar  
If a dot appears on the radar screen, you have another tank in your immedi-  
ate vicinity. If the dot is flashing, it is a friendly tank; if it is not flashing, it is  
an enemy tank.  
Main Battle Tank  
Infantry Fighting  
Here, the radar screen in the top-right corner shows a tank has approached  
on our back-left side. Since the dot is not flashing, we can tell it is the  
enemy. The flashing “INCOMING” and flying-missile symbol indicate that our  
high-tech defense system has detected a missile fired at us!  
Around the desert, friendly  
tanks of both sizes can be  
found. These tanks are  
Friendly tank  
similar to ambulances and  
can repair your injured tank.  
A “ ” symbol will appear  
when you lock onto the tank  
with your targeting system.  
Do not shoot At THIS TANK!  
Instead, manoeuver your tank  
until this tank is immediately  
in front of you to increase  
your armour.  
Game Buttons:  
On / Fire  
You are given 10 rounds of HEP ammo at the start of the game. You can  
always see the amount of ammo you have by looking at the digital readout  
in the lower-right corner.  
High Score  
New Game  
Whenever you run over a blinking ammo pile, your ammo supply will  
expand. These piles may include HEP (High Explosive Plastic), APDS  
(Armour Piercing Disposable Shell) or TOW missiles.  
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