Panasonic Smoke Alarm 4313 User Manual

Fire alarm systems  
Analog base  
with isolator  
Common base for the different analog detectors  
Built-in short circuit isolator  
Easy connections incl. output for external LED  
Common base  
COM loop address  
The COM loop address for the isolator is set  
with an Address setting tool 3314, which is  
also used to set the mode:  
The analog base 4313 is connected to a  
COM loop. Any analog heat, smoke and  
multi detector types 33xx / 430x can be  
plugged in the base. (For required type of  
base, see Product Leaflet for the detector  
type respectively.)  
NORMAL mode: Short circuit isolator  
4313 in system EBL128.  
2330 mode: Short circuit isolator 4313  
(2370/4370 in Win512) in system EBL512.  
Short circuit isolator  
The analog base 4313 has a built-in short  
circuit isolator with the same functions as  
the Addressable short circuit isolator 4370.  
2312 mode: Not used for 4313.  
The base has an address label (Al) where the  
detector's and isolator's COM loop addresses  
can be written.  
The short circuit isolator will divide the  
COM loop into segments. A segment is the  
part of a loop between two isolators or  
between one isolator and the c.i.e. In case of  
a short circuit on a COM loop, only the  
affected segment will be disabled, i.e. the  
number of disabled loop units is minimised.  
All other loop units will continue to work  
normally. Up to eight isolators (4313 and/or  
4370) can be connected on each COM loop.  
Individual fault signal is obtained if wrong  
type of detector (compared with the  
programming) is plugged in the base or if  
the detector is unplugged. A short circuit or  
a single break (cut-off) on the loop will  
generate a fault and a fault message, e.g.  
short circuit or break, COM loop number  
and between which isolators.  
Easy connection  
The base has screw terminals for the COM  
loop (in/out) and an external indicator  
(LED), e.g. 2218.  
For more information regarding detector  
types, connections, etc. see Planning  
Instructions and connection diagrams for the  
system respectively.  
Product applications  
Label holder  
Used in the systems EBL512 / 128 to  
An optional label holder could be mounted  
in the base (in the label holder recess) and is  
intended for a label showing "zone-address"  
etc. Can be read also when the detector is  
plugged in the base and is ceiling mounted.  
increase the COM loop safety.  
The base is intended for indoor use and in  
dry premises.  
Panasonic Electric Works Fire & Security Technology Europe AB  
Jungmansgatan 12, SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden  
Tel: +46 (0)40 697 70 00 • Fax: +46 (0)40 697 70 99  
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