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Operation Guide 3160  
Getting Acquainted  
Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch. To get the most out of your  
purchase, be sure to read this manual carefully.  
The actual level at which some functions are disabled depends on the watch model.  
Frequent display illumination can run down the battery quickly and require charging.  
The following guidelines give an idea of the charging time required to recover from a  
single illumination operation.  
Approximately 5 minutes exposure to bright sunlight coming in through a window  
Approximately about 8 hours exposure to indoor fluorescent lighting  
Be sure to read “Power Supply” for important information you need to know  
when exposing the watch to bright light.  
Keep the watch exposed to bright light  
The electricity generated by the solar cell of the watch is  
Bright Light  
stored by a built-in battery. Leaving or using the watch  
where it is not exposed to light causes the battery to run  
down. Make sure the watch is exposed to light as much as  
Solar cell  
When you are not wearing the watch on your wrist,  
position the face so it is pointed at a source of bright  
You should try to keep the watch outside of your sleeve  
as much as possible. Charging is reduced significantly if  
the face is only partially covered.  
If the display of the watch is blank...  
If the display of the watch is blank, it means that the watch’s Power Saving function  
has turned off the display to conserve power.  
See “Power Saving Function” for more information.  
About This Manual  
Depending on the model of your watch, display text appears either as dark figures  
on a light background or light figures on a dark background. All sample displays in  
this manual are shown using dark figures on a light background.  
Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration.  
Each section of this manual provides you with the information you need to perform  
operations in each mode. Further details and technical information can be found in  
the “Reference” section.  
The watch continues to operate, even when it is not exposed to light. Leaving the  
watch in the dark can cause the battery to run down, which will result in some watch  
functions to be disabled. If the battery goes dead, you will have to re-configure watch  
settings after recharging. To ensure normal watch operation, be sure to keep it  
exposed to light as much as possible.  
Battery charges in the light.  
Battery discharges in the dark.  
Bright Light  
Solar cell  
(Converts light to  
electrical power.)  
Some or all  
Rechargeable battery  
World Time Mode  
Alarm Mode  
General Guide  
Press C to change from mode to mode.  
In any mode (except when a setting screen is on the display), press B to illuminate  
the display.  
Timekeeping Mode  
Press C.  
Countdown Timer Mode  
Stopwatch Mode  
5. Press A to exit the setting screen.  
Use the Timekeeping Mode to set and view the current  
time and date.  
The day of the week is displayed automatically in accordance with the date (year,  
month, and day) settings.  
Day of week  
Read This BeforeYou Set the Time and Date!  
Month – Day  
12-hour and 24-hour timekeeping  
This watch is preset with a number of city codes, each of  
which represents the time zone where that city is located.  
When setting the time, it is important that you first select  
the correct city code for your Home City (the city where  
you normally use the watch). If your location is not  
included in the preset city codes, select the preset city  
With the 12-hour format, the P (PM) indicator appears to the left of the hour digits for  
times in the range of noon to 11:59 p.m. and no indicator appears to the left of the  
hour digits for times in the range of midnight to 11:59 a.m.  
With the 24-hour format, times are displayed in the range of 0:00 to 23:59, without  
any indicator.  
The 12-hour/24-hour timekeeping format you select in the Timekeeping Mode is  
applied in all other modes.  
code that is in the same time zone as your location.  
Hour : Minutes  
Note that all of the times for the World Time Mode city  
codes are displayed in accordance with the time and  
date settings you configure in the Timekeeping Mode.  
PM indicator  
Daylight SavingTime (DST)  
Daylight Saving Time (summer time) advances the time setting by one hour from  
Standard Time. Remember that not all countries or even local areas use Daylight  
Saving Time.  
To set the time and date manually  
1. In the Timekeeping Mode hold down A until the city  
code starts to flash, which indicates the setting screen.  
2. Use D and B to select the city code you want.  
Make sure you select your Home City code before  
changing any other setting.  
For full information on city codes, see the “City Code  
To change the Daylight Saving Time (summer time) setting  
1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A until the city  
code starts to flash, which indicates the setting screen.  
2. Press C and the DST setting screen appears.  
3. Use D to toggle between Daylight Saving Time (DST  
indicator displayed) and Standard Time (DST indicator  
not displayed).  
3. Press C to move the flashing in the sequence shown below to select the other  
4. When the setting you want is selected, press A to exit  
the setting screen.  
The DST indicator appears to indicate that Daylight  
Saving Time is turned on.  
DST indicator  
City Code  
Power Saving  
World Time  
The following steps explain how to configure timekeeping settings only.  
4. When the timekeeping setting you want to change is flashing, use D or B to  
change it as described below.  
World Time shows the current time in 48 cities (29 time  
zones) around the world.  
City code  
The times kept in the World Time Mode are  
To do this:  
Change the city code  
Do this:  
Use D (east) and B  
synchronized with the time being kept in the  
Timekeeping Mode. If you feel that there is an error in  
any World Time Mode time, check to make sure you  
have the correct city selected as your Home City. Also  
check to make sure that the current time as shown in  
the Timekeeping Mode is correct.  
Select a city code in the World Time Mode to display the  
current time in any particular time zone around the  
globe. See the “City Code Table” for information about  
the UTC differential settings that are supported.  
All of the operations in this section are performed in the  
World Time Mode, which you enter by pressing C.  
Toggle between Daylight Saving Time (ON) Press D.  
and Standard Time (OFF).  
Toggle between 12-hour (  
hour ( ) timekeeping  
) and 24- Press D.  
Current time in  
selected city  
Reset the seconds to  
Press D.  
Change the hour and minutes  
Use D (+) and B (–).  
Use D (+) and B (–).  
) and Press D.  
Change the year, month, or day  
Toggle between Power Saving on (  
off (  
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